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Your host: Ron Bourassa

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Brief history of BMX

• BMX began in the late 60’s, early 70’s on both the East and West coast.
• In 1974 the NBA was formed and started organized racing
• The ABA started in 1978 on the West Coast and the NBL in 1976 on the East Coast
• In 2008 the sport of BMX was added to the Summer Olympics.
• In 2011 the two groups merged forming USA BMX.
• There are over 375 sanctioned tracks

What is BMX?

• BMX racing is an all-out sprint, on a pedal bike, through a track generally shaped like a “W” or a “U”, averaging 1100 feet in length, made of clay, with a start hill, various jumps, table tops, three to four high banked corners, four to five straight away’s, and a finish line.

Our local history of BMX

• How we came to this project
• We realized the closest track was 70 miles away. The other ever farther. I realized with gas prices being at $4 a gallon at the time period, people we not going to drive/commit to BMX.
• I sent an email to one of the sanctioning bodies and they told me they don’t just go and build tracks, you have to find the people and backing to begin the construction of one.
• A year later I contacted Ron R and Brant F to bounce the idea off of them.
• We began by talking with the local park districts.
• In May of 2014 the KVPD Board gave us a green light to use some available land.

Where we are at today

• We are sanctioned USA BMX track, fully insured.
• We are 501 c 3, not-for-profit corporation.
• We just went to a 3 day Summit in KY which covers all aspect of running a successful track.
• We are having dirt brought out to the track build site at the moment.
• After the dirt is there we are having clay trucked in to top off the dirt for the final topping

Where we want to be this summer and beyond

• We plan on having this completed and schedules for practices, special events and races by July/August
• We see our track being one of the top track in the US.
• Partnering with our local police departments and their DARE programs.
• Partner with Cycle Recycle who repairs bikes for under privileged kids and adult to get bikes to them
• We will be having a “Coaching Program” similar to a little league.

What does this do for the community?

• All kids know how to ride a bike.
• Mainly this gives kids a sport that wouldn’t normally play a stick and ball sport.
• Bring the USA BMX Program STEM to local school: STEM is Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) curriculum. The curriculum is currently being used by public and private schools, bike clubs, summer camps, and in after school enrichment programs. The program is equal part education, equal part athletics and exercise. The USA BMX program is designed for kids aged 7 to 14. The eight-module curriculum is designed for 30 hours of educational programming
• Leukemia Lymphoma Race for Life is a race where all proceeds from all tracks go to this research fund.
• Bob Warnicke Scholarship Race was created to assist students and their families in meeting the costs of undergraduate college education, trade school, etc. USA BMX/BMX Canada members who have a current USA BMX/BMX Canada license or Track Operators/Officials who participate in BMX racing events sanctioned by USA BMX/BMX Canada are eligible to apply

What do you need to do to start racing

• 1st race does not require a membership
• 3 types of memberships
• 30 day membership
• 30 day transferrable to a full year membership
• Full 1 year membership

Who can race? What ages?

• Ages 3 and up can start racing a Strider bike. A non-pedaling bike
• Starting at age 5 kids can race regular pedal bikes.
• There are men racing well into their 70’s
• There are kids classes, girls classes, men’s and women’s classes all separated by ages and proficiency
• They start at Novice and move up to Intermediate after 10 wins, intermediates move to Expert after 24 wins and at age 16 one can race on the Pro circuit to compete for cash
• The stated have divided districts, IL has 3, and people compete for positions within their districts for the most points which then are displayed on their racing plate the following year.

What do we need help with? Volunteers

• Current construction wise: Help with the initial build. Once we get the dirt there, USA BMX will build it. We need to be there during that time period of one week.
• After that we need to run electric, drainage, build and construct small structures, connect to a well for water
• People with any hands on skills are needed; brooms, shovels etc.• When track is ready to go;
• We need volunteers for concessions, registration, to run the starting gate, to score riders at the finish line, announcing. There multiple positions, get in touch with us for more positions/information.


• We are going to begin reaching out to the business community for sponsorship to help support the race track.
• We will have different packages to fit different budgets.
• We will have signage available along fences, dedicated races to a company, hi visibility signage such as the announcing tower, starting gate, finish line etc.
• Since our track is new it will get a lot of visibility in BMX and the immediate community